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A Brand New System of Support!!

Dear Friends:

We here at Wisconsin Christian Home Educators Association have designed a whole new way for you to show your continuing support to our non-profit ministry. This new program replaces all former programs of support, including the subscriber program. Please read on for details.

1. We will have different levels of support, and each level will be awarded special benefits. These benefits actually are worth more than the amount of money you will be donating.

2. Your donation will be tax-deductible, as we are a non-profit corporation.

3. One simple donation will keep your benefits active for one full year of service.

4. Each level will award you one or more of the benefits listed below.

5. When the year is up, you will be sent a reminder card to ask if you would like to renew your support for the upcoming year. If you do so, all benefits will then become active for another year. You are free to change your level of support any time you renew.

Here is a description of the different benefits that may be available to you:


1. Home Educator’s I.D. card- This card will identify you as a home educator. It will be useful at all places of business that extend discounts to home educators. If a business does not advertise a discount, always ask- you’ll be surprised at how many places of business will extend a discount to home educators. Value: Priceless.

2. HSLDA membership discount- You will receive a $20 discount on the Home School Legal Defense Association yearly membership cost. This discount is one per family in the year you give your support to CHEA- if you renew your support in successive years, then each year that you renew your support with CHEA, you will receive your $20 discount on your HSLDA membership. Value: $20.

3. FREE ENTRANCE TO THURSDAY EVENING SNEAK PREVIEW SHOPPING NIGHT AT SPRING CONFERENCE- You will be eligible for free entrance to the Sneak Preview shopping night that takes place Thursday evening before spring conference- you may only receive ONE Thursday night family entrance per donation.
Value: $25.

4. HUGE $20 Family Discount off of your spring conference registration- In the year you give your support, if you attend spring conference, you may deduct a HUGE $20 OFF of your registration form – one discount per family. Value: $20.

5. FREE Comprehensive Guide to Home Schooling in Wisconsin- This wonderful book is a huge help to the homeschooler in WI. It is over 230 pages long, and has articles in it that will help you in the following areas: how to begin homeschooling, record keeping, the socialization question, teaching multiple ages, the father’s role in homeschooling, how to comply with the law, support, field trips, and much, much more. Note: if you are coming to conference, your book will be given to you upon your arrival. If you are not coming to conference, we will mail your book to you. Value: $20 - $30.

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